If you haven't read Lured In, here's what you are missing:

It all started with dinner and drinks...

‿‿ღღ‿‿ ┣┓┏♨♨┑┏┥ ‿‿ღღ‿‿

"Oh, baby. I’m where I want to be and

with whom I’d rather be doing. You got that?”
- Zach (Mr. Sexy), Lured In

"And if either of you think that hogwash-spewing jerk of a douche bag deserves to have his ass kissed to prevent him from liquidating the hell out of the company, then you can have my lip gloss and do it yourself!”

-Abi, Lured In

 Surely threatening the livelihoods of over 250 employees is beneath you, even if you are just a little boy who masquerades behind $4,000 tailor-made suits and a gargantuan bank account. I already know how far you can stretch your arm to make things happen, whether it’s good or bad. I’d rather you use your influence for good and not penalize everyone for my decision to end all ties with you, both personal and professional. Also, you have only yourself to blame for your BROKEN HEART. Deal with it. I sure have.

 Abigail M. Winterfield, SOON-TO-BE FORMER  (Nothing to You) President, First Choice Health and Wellness, Inc.
-Abi, Lured In

 "G-string, bra, and pumps, oh my! All mine!” 

-Zach (Mr. Sexy), Lured In

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