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Pick a Tie, Abi (Sunrise and Moonlight in Paradise)

Posted by V.R. Avent on Friday, April 3, 2015, In : Teasing 

I got out of the hot shower, and my damp body was still wrapped in a towel when Zach commanded, “Come to me, Abigail.” That stimulating, stern voice was coming from above me.

       My stomach did flips just as I stopped at the entrance of the walk-in closet. That domineering voice had me hypnotized. It was sexy, guiding, welcomed, and turned me on greatly. I started panting, my body tingling and warming. That overassertive tone in which he used spoke volumes of what Zach had planned. I ...

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Get Ready for What's Lost in the Dark

Posted by V.R. Avent on Friday, April 3, 2015, In : Teasing 

If you haven't read Lured In, here's what you are missing:

It all started with dinner and drinks...

‿‿ღღ‿‿ ┣┓┏♨♨┑┏┥ ‿‿ღღ‿‿

"Oh, baby. I’m where I want to be and

with whom I’d rather be doing. You got that?”
- Zach (Mr. Sexy), Lured In

"And if either of you think that hogwash-spewing jerk of a douche bag deserves to have his ass kissed to prevent him from liquidating the hell out of the company, then you can have my lip gloss and do it yourself!...

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