I nodded. “I know. It’s okay.” I put my hands on his chest to push from beneath him, but he quickly pinned them to the bed above my head.

    “Hey.” His expression was tremendously intense. “I still want and need to get off,” he said authoritatively, in a way that made my core tighten. He elevated his brows suggestively and traced his right index finger over my lips. “I missed the feel of these wrapped tightly around me.” He pushed his finger into my gaping mouth. “Suck it, Abigail,” he ordered seductively.

    Hello, Mr. Sexy!

   I sighed deeply and sucked as commanded. I’d missed Zach’s commands, demands, and domination. They turned me on greatly.

    “Ah…baby,” he moaned. “I miss the feel of your hot, wet tongue tasting and tracing the length of me. The way you suck it, so slowly and gently and then so greedily, makes me so hard for you.”

  I  moaned with his finger in my mouth. He inserted a second finger, and I moaned louder.

   “Open your mouth, Abigail,” he demanded, his sexy and flirty greenish-gray eyes seductively fixed on me. I did, breathing heavily and loudly—a clear sign of my excitement. “You know you have to open wider to fit me inside,” he scolded, as he straddled my chest.

   “Z-Zach?” I moaned at the surprise attention he was now giving my clit as he stroked it so perfectly. He removed his wet fingers from my mouth and caressed my nipple with them. He pinched, pulled, and twirled with his skilled fingers, making my body sing to his tune.

     “Wi-der, Abi-gai-l.”

     “My thighs or my mouth?” I panted.

   He smiled devilishly.  “Which do you want more?” he asked, polishing my bottom lip with his precum as he traced my lips with the head of his erection and stroked my little kitty simultaneously. He never took his eyes off mine.

      Licking his precum seductively from my bottom lip, I fluttered my tongue over the wide head of his erection and moaned, “Mm…yum. I want both, please.” I opened my mouth and parted my thighs wider.

   He grinned impishly. “You want my fingers roaming your wet little pussy while I fuck your pretty mouth?” He pushed his erection into my mouth.


    He thrust into my mouth slowly, increasing his speed with each stroke while gripping the back of my head. Tightening his fingers in my hair, he moaned, “Ah, Abi. Fuck, baby…it feels so good.”

    Tasting the onset of his orgasm, I wrapped my hands tightly around his erection, double pumped, and sucked him hungrily until he cried out, “Oh, fuck, baby.” He came, spurting hot and powerfully, and as I continued sucking and pumping him, he came again, panting, “Ah…ah…shit, Abi-gai-l,” as he spurted more of his love, hot and thick. Still gripping him securely and milking what I thought was the end of his orgasm, he came a third time and breathed, “My God, love. You are so fucking amazing. So fucking incredible.

    He lay beside me, panting and sweating like hell. With his chest heaving from the rush of excitement, he grinned widely and closed his eyes in ecstasy. I watched him and waited for him to open his beautiful eyes, but he didn’t; he started snoring.

     I laughed into my hand and patted myself on the back. I had sucked his brains out—draining him of all his energy—and enjoyed every moment of it.

I kissed him softly on his lips and left the bed to open the windows and get something to drink.