“Toast?” Carmen asked. We all raised our glasses as she toasted, “To being happy and free and having great friendship.”

“And being a great president, who I trust can handle any position,” Mr. Sexy added, piercing me with his lovely eyes.

We clinked our glasses and proceeded to drink.

“So how do I drink this?” Mr. Sexy asked me, referring to the Perfect Angel.

“Watch me; it’s all about the proper position,” I said flirtatiously. Since you want it dirty—dirtay—I’ll give you dirtay.

I poured the salt and sugar blend on the bridge of my right hand, between my thumb and index finger, and stacked the lime and orange wedges on top of each other with my left hand. Seductively and slowly, while looking intensely at Mr. Sexy, I licked the salt and sugar and tossed back the shot, leaving the cherry behind. I grabbed the stacked wedges, sucked them together, and let some of the juices flow from my lips. I licked my lips, grabbed the cherry, and sucked Jose from it. He repositioned himself and tugged at his necktie.

Our eyes were fixed on each other as I said, “This is the only way you handle it.”

“Perfect Angel, my ass!” Carmen said in amazement.

Matt laughed, clapping his hands, and said, “Welcome back, Abi.”

“Your turn, Zach,” Carmen whooped out.

Zach! His name is Zach.

I looked at him with a smile of victory, as I now had his name, and said, “We’re all waiting, Zach.”

He smiled back wickedly and said, “I’m sure I can master the positions correctly and handle it very well.”

Doing exactly as I had, not missing a beat, he had my heart pounding, among other body parts. Daaamn! I squirmed in my seat.

“Well done, Mr.—Zach.” I stopped myself before I could say the word.

“Oh, Zach it is now, huh? I thought it was Mr. Sexy?” Zach said, stealing my victory away from me.

“No. I’m afraid I don’t remember such,” I countered with flirty eyes and a smile. He smiled in response.